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Geometric Pineapple Place

We're firmly in the grips of autumn here in the UK, and you know I tend to prefer to write seasonal posts, but today I have to make an excepetion.

One of the awesome things about designing crochet patterns, is that you often get given a brief that'll send your brain down avenues it may not have considered before.  When Now Crochet magazine got in touch, and asked for a collection of bright, bold chunky patterns, I'd tentatively proposed a big ole doiley rug, but as I was sat making it, it wasn't lighting me on fire.

For some reason, Brain then happily trotted off down a new route, and ended up at Geometric Pineapple Place.  I completely fell in love with the idea, and you know that when you love something, that other people will too.  I busily set too, and this was the finished piece, a super cool, bold, pineapple rug using ribbon tape.

For those of you that missed the chunky Now Crochet issue, I've now listed this pattern at Etsy & LoveCrochet, so you too an visit Geometric Pineapple Place!


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