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Easy Crochet Shrug

Last week we jetted off to Berlin for a week to stay with pals.  Not wanting to go through the rigmarole of having to check our luggage in and out, we settled on taking hand luggage only.  Luckily Berlin is hot this time of year, so we didn't need lots of big jumpers and snow boots, but I still wanted to maximize space, and still have something I could throw on in the evenings as it started to cool off.

This little shrug is one of three that I made a few years ago, as a novice crocheter.  It's the simplest pattern know to woman kind as all it is is a rectangle.  This one measures 75cm x 45cm and uses a basic granny stitch worked side to side.  All you then do is fold it in half and sew together 7cm at either end.  That is literally it.  And it was perfect while on holiday.

You can make yours wider and longer if you prefer, all you need to make sure is that the width goes across your shoulders, and there's enough length so that when you sew the edges together, you can get your arms through the holes.  And you can use any stitch that you like, I have another in an open scallop which looks awesome, and another in super chunky yarn which is great as a winter body-warmer.

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