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Hi there, I haven’t ever written any of my patterns out before and I don’t know things like wool gauges or anything, I just like making things, so please forgive me if anything is confusing, and please feel free to ask any questions that you like.  I made this for my little boy, I hope that Meomi don't mind me sharing it with everyone.

Octonauts - Crochet Captain Barnacles

This pattern does assume a basic understanding of how to crochet and does use a few different stitches.

You will need:
Thick white wool
Dark blue wool
Med. Blue wool
Grey wool
Dark grey wool
Yellow wool
Crochet needle (suitable for your wool thickness)
Wool needle
Black felt
White embroidery thread
Embroidery needle

sc - single crochet
*    * - repeat steps to the end of the row
dec – decrease
sl st – slip stitch
hdc – half double crochet
dc - double crochet

Head – thick white yarn
1. Magic Ring 6 – sc   (6)
2. 2 sc in each stitch   (12)
3. *2 sc then sc in next stitch*   (18)
4. *2 sc then sc in next 2 stitches*   (24)
5. *2sc then sc in next 3 stitches*   (30)
6-10. sc in every stitch   (30)
11. *dec 2 then sc in next 3 stitches*   (24)
12. *dec 2 then sc in next 2 stitches*    (18)
13. *dec 2 then sc in next stitch*   (12)
14. Stuff head quite firmly
15. *dec 2 *   sl st (6)
16. close

Ears – thick white yarn
1. Chain 4
2. sc in 2nd chain from end
3. hdc
4. sc – sl st to finish, leave a nice long tail to attach it to the head
5. Using light grey wool embroider a few stitches on the front, inside of the ear

Hat – light blue yarn
1. Magic Ring 6 – sc   (6)
2. sc in each stitch   (12)
3. *2 sc then sc in next stitch*   (18)
4-6. *sc* - sl st to finish   (18)
7. Using dark blue yarn embroider two stripes around the bottom
8. Shape and attach to head

Body – light and dark blue yarn
1. Using light blue magic ring 6 – sc   (6)
2. sc in each stitch   (12)
3. *2 sc then sc in next stitch*   (18)
4. *sc*   (18)
5-13. switch to dark blue *sc*   (18)
14. *dec 2 then sc in next stitch*   (12)
15. Stuff body quite firmly
16. *dec 2 *   sl st to finish (6)
17.  Attach to head with light blue at the top (this is his collar)

Arms – dark blue
1. Magic ring 4   (4)
2. *2 sc then sc in next stitch*   (6)
3-6. *sc*   (6)
7. Change to thick white, sc (6)
8. Stuff very lightly, I found using the tails of yarn was enough
9. *dec 2* sl st to finish
10. Attach to body where the ‘collar’ ends

Legs – Dark blue
1. Magic ring 4   (4)
2. *2 sc then sc in next stitch*   (6)
3-6. *sc*   (6)
7. Change to light blue for the boots, sc   (6)
8. sc, sc, 2sc, 2sc, sc, sc   (8)
9-10. sc   (8)
11. Stuff very lightly
12. dec, sc, dec, sc, dec – sl st close(6)
13. attach to body with ‘toes’ pointing forwards

Nose – light grey
1. chain 6
2. sc in 2nd chain from end
3. dc, sc, dc, sc – sl st
4. Sew on to face with the flat edge as the top of the ‘nose’
5. Using dark grey wool embroider a little nose in the middle at the top

Cut 2 circles out of black felt, embroider white pupils with embroidery thread in the right corner, sew on to head

Belt- dark blue
1. Chain 18 - turn
2. sc in each stitch, sew ends together
3. Using yellow yarn loop a few stitches around the belt

You can also get a collection of cool patterns for kids in my new book "Crochet Dress-Up" by CICO publishers :)


  1. hi, thankyou so much for posting these two patterns. i have just started to try and crochet these and wondered if you ever did the Peso penguin and if you had a pattern for him, thankyou

  2. Yay! I'm so glad someone else has found them and is using them! I haven't got round to Peso yet as so many friends keep asking for Captain Barnacles for their children, I literally have a polar bear production line on my kitchen table! I will though, and will hopefully post it up soon. xxx

  3. I'm really happy to have found your blog. This little guy is adorable! :) Thanks for sharing.

  4. thank you! I will at some point figure out how to make a menu that just shows all the patterns and mini makes so you can find them quickly and easily, so do keep popping back from time to time xxx

  5. Thank you SOOOO much for posting these patterns! My two year old just discovered the Octonauts and he's OBSESSED!! :) He's been taking pretend invisible Octonauts everywhere we go, so I'm glad I can now make him some real ones to play with! :) Seriously, thank you so much! I'll keep an eye out for a Peso pattern, but for now, Captain Barnacles, here I come!

    1. that's exactly why he was made, my soon to be 4 year old has been playing with his all year, sadly it's all becoming a bit Transformer's in our house now, but I'm thinking maybe they could be finger puppets? really glad you like them xxx

  6. We just got the Octonauts here and my son kept saying for the last few days that mommy was going to make him a Capt. Barnacle... I thought I would show him that I couldn't when your pattern popped up... Thanks so much - now a trip out to get yarn I guess! :)

    Looking forward to Peso too - thanks again!!!

  7. Just checking... are these UK crochet - I live in the US so thought I should check.
    Thanks again!!

    1. I learned to crochet using US terminology, would be scuppered if I was given a UK pattern! Glad the patterns are of help x

  8. Thank you for this pattern. I've just finished making it for my 3 year old - I'm sure he's going to love it when he gets his Easter basket on Easter Sunday morning. :)

  9. Thank you so much for posting this. My grandson is crazy about the Octonauts. Guess what he will be getting in his Christmas Stocking this year.

  10. For the belt I think you mean light blue, not dark blue. Right?

  11. Also round 2 on the body I think you mean 2sc in each sc (12)