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Crochet pirate bunting

As threatened (but much, much later than the original threat) this pattern is now available to as part of my first book!  "Crochet Dress-Up" by Emma Friedlander-Collins.  You get this totally cool pattern, as well as 35 others: pirate hat, mermaid hair, hero hat, fairy wings - heaps of dress-up favourites, all beautifully photographed, and easy to make.


  1. Oh my goodness... ADORABLE! We have a yearly pirate party for my two grandkids, I'll be sure to whip some of these up for next years party. Thanks for sharing the pattern!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this pattern. My son went off on his school camp today with a skull sewn on his blanket. Do you mind if I link this to my site

  3. Emma, just been to your blog, are you in Lewes UK?! I've just moved to Hastings but was only 10 mins from you if you are! Imagine..! x

  4. and no, I don't mind at all, would love to see pics if you have them :)