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Blanket Scraves Are Go!

Hurrah for the final arrival of the frost!  Hurrah for the autumn and wrapping up warm!  Hurrah for massive scarves and the excuse to cover yourself in a blanket ALL day!

Yes, I do properly love autumn.  Somehow I find the colours and the crisp air extremely energising.  Summer leaves me sluggish and horribly blaaahhh, where as autumn just brings out the sparkle in everything.  It is also the perfect time to dig out the winter-wear case, find all the hats, mittens and scarves (a LOT).  Some things are old favourites and I 'll wear year after year, but trends will also change, ideas will be inspired, and sometimes you don't need much of an excuse to whip out the ole hook and get makin' somethin' new.

This year I've just wanted to feel like I'm wrapped up in a blanket all of the time, I also wanted something that felt super comforting.   Although I'm not a great one for the humble granny square, it just seemed like the perfect candidate for a super cosy, cuddly blanket scarf.  Then the stars aligned and the gorgeous Yarn Master (true story) at HobbyCraft got in touch to ask if I'd like to make a pattern using some of their wool.  Being a regular browser of their WI range I instantly knew what I wanted to do.  A blanket shawl in their chunky yarns, in grey and neon pink.  I instantly said 'yes!' and had it made in 4 hours flat.

The pattern will be totally free for you to get next week, from the HobbyCraft website.

I literally haven't taken it off (I'm in it write now, typing this, with the cat on my lap and the rain outside, it's ace), and my bestie has been coveting it so much, that I've made her one too.  So that we don't look too creepily the same - we already have the same jacket, jeans and shoes - I've made one in her favourite colours, gold & green.  You can find the pattern for this guy in my shop, he uses different yarn, hook and has a different edge, so you can pick and choose which one works best for you.


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