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The lovely creatures at LoveCrochet sent me some Milla Mia yarn sot play with.  I'm not usually one to go for the small, soft yarns, as I generally like to make quick things, which often means chunky yarns and big hooks.

This stuff comes in gorgeous colours and is a merino mix, so it's beautifully soft.  My knowledge about what different yarns are made of and what that means has been a gradual thing, so I looked up merino - it's a sort of sheep, it just happens to have easy to spin, lovely, soft fleece.  I spent years buying cheap acrylic, but I keep thinking that it's time to commit to the long haul and start making clothes, so it's got to be about luxury yarns that feel nice on the skin.

Anyway, I had a play to see how they worked up, and was originally planning on making a valentine gift for Mr Steel, but I couldn't resist making a rosey cover for a treacle tin that I keep my hooks in instead! 
Who will your #woolentine be?!

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