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Yay!  I'm a fully qualified teacher!  One of the things I've learned on my course, is that people like to see what they're aiming for, what they're stitches should look like.  It's also really interesting to show what you can do with crochet, and just some of the infinite possibilities that this craft has to offer.

With that in mind, I spent a very happy afternoon using some Debbie Bliss 'Cleo', which is a cotton/acrylic mix that I got from, which has a great, smooth finish to show stitch definition, and made a samples board. It put me in mind of butterflies all pinned out!  It's a really interesting excercise in what can happen when you change one little part of the process- a single crochet compared to an extended single, double crochets worked between the posts instead of the stitch.

I could literally have done this for hours, but had to stop somewhere!  Can't wait to show my students.


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  1. Yep, this is fun ! I did this with many variations of the Dc for my "dc project" and was quite astonished at the results I got (including variations in measurements!)
    Just discovered your blog today, like it :-)