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Unemployed, I mean 'Freelance'

We're well and truly into the world of unemployment, ahem I mean freelancing and stay-at-home-mumming, and things are finally starting to settle into a routine.  But I can't seem to stop applying for jobs!  After years of being indoctrinated in the world of work, trying to stay unemployed, ahem, I mean freelancing, is still one of the most uncomfortable experiences ever (well, child birth was pretty uncomfortable, but slightly different).

Being a vaguely uptight sort I'm finding the key to sanity is having routine.  Mondays are now dedicated to getting all the computery, officious things done, and with that in mind I have finally written up the lovely new, Blue Block Tote Bag pattern and got it on Etsy/Ravelry.  I might be losing my marbles and spending too much time in the garden talking to the tadpoles, but I do at least have time to do this now.  AND I get a chance to play around at styling and getting an image I really like, which I've not had the chance to really do before, or I have, but not with the same understanding that I have of it now.  So here's the fruits of today's labours...


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