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The Art of Blogging

Writing a blog, this blog, regularly, was very much on my to-do list as part of the 'making it as a crochet designer' lifestyle change.  Any social media officiando will tell you that this is the way to 'get an audience'.  What they don't say is that you have to be able to think of something engaging/beautiful/entertaining to write at least 2-3 times a week to keep that audience engaged.

I thought this was going to be the easy bit.  It turns out that I find coming up with crochet patterns exceptionally easy.  The only thing that's stopping me is time and RSI.  Writing about it and not thinking that what I've written is deeply tedious and uninteresting is much, much harder.  Technically there's stacks I could write about:

1. How I've planted peas and carrots to take the pressure off the grocery budget (approx 78p a week, BOOM!)
2. All the deeply fascinating things I'm learning from my octogenarian spinning teacher - seriously, there's SO much she's teaching me about all craft
3. How to start up a crochet group and get paid for it (well, that's just at the beginning, but still)
4.  How to randomly email publications you like and offer to write something for them, thus enhancing your craft CV.
(This is 'Bibelot', a quarterly craft and on-line magazine, I love it, so have emailed and asked if I can contribute in anyway).
5.  How to make your own chicken stock from all the leftovers and glow with a smug sense of self-satisfaction

What actually happens is I finally get the beasts to bed, clear up after the day, get the washing on, have a bath without small people coming and asking for things, pathologically check my instagram account for the 17th time that hour, sit down in front of the computer and it all goes blank.

So maybe what I'm sharing with you is this: you need to plan these things out.  When you have an idea, write it down, give yourself prompts so that when you finally get the time (and energy) you've got something to work with.  Let's see how that goes shall we?


  1. I love needlecrafts, I even enjoy writing blog posts but I hate taking the accompanying photos..grrrr!

  2. We should team up, I love taking pics, just struggle with the words!

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