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Basic Basket

One of the things that obsesses me a bit as a designer, is that the thing I make is useful.  I love pretty doileys that have had the Dottie Angel treatment, but will probably never make one because it seems like a bit of a fussy nonsense.  I like things with purpose.

Often I'll get an idea for something because it's something we 'need'.  The toys, hero hats and bat cuffs are all to be played with and used.  The countless hats, snoods, hoods, bed rolls, glasses cases and bags are all a response to a 'need'.  The jar covers of previous posts are the only real exception, but were a request from a friend, so they don't count!  Basically I don't 'do' purely decorative, and as soon as I saw my first roll of jersey yarn I knew we were destined to be together in a practical world of delight.  I longed to make a basket.

This isn't my first, but it IS the first that I get to keep, and has been made to hold all the fleecey bits that go along with the new world of the spinning wheel.  I urge you to get making something like this, it's extremely satisfying knowing that the thing you just created will be truly useful.  You can either trot over to my Etsy shop and grab the pattern for this one, or work one up for yourself, either way, you will glow with smug pride for HOURS afterwards.


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