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In love with Cornwall

Around a week ago I diligently spent 2 whole days cleaning the house, making nutritious and wholesome sauces and packing for all of us to stay with friends in Cornwall for the week.  We left in tipping rain and freezing cold, arrived in a gale, and being on a budget, got in our little rented caravan and spent the night listening to the bed springs vibrate from the sheer force of the wind.

In the morning it was still going, and being British, we headed straight for the beach.  It really was bitterly cold, but so utterly beautiful that the numb cheeks and aching ears didn't really matter. Fortunately I'd taken some yarn and a hook with me - colours that made me think of Cornwall and sunshine, and as soon as we were tucked in and dry I set to work on a hat.

The next day the sun crept in and then it went all-out, glorious sunshine, and we paddled, rock pooled and rolled in the sand and had literally the best time you can imagine.  But I still carried on with the hat, and on the last morning, at 6am when everyone was still sleeping, I snuck out into the mist, popped the finished hat on, and chased the sunrise with my camera through the sand dunes.  It was honestly one of the most joyful moments I have possibly ever experienced, and just goes to show that you don't need money or stuff (apart from wool maybe) to have an amazing time. 

Anyway, here's my last morning at 6am, and the hat - it's a tribute to Angela Lansbury in 'Bedknobs and Broomsticks', and I used a popcorn-shell-granny stitch.  The pattern will be on my Etsy AND newly set up Ravelry shop (see, I did it!) very soon.


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