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Crochet Candy Skull

Clearly if anyone was going to be obsessed with Halloween, it'd be me.  I know there's still weeks to go, but I'm already working on a costume to take the beasts trick or treating in.  I spent ages trying to figure out what to be, and all the while it was staring me in the face, literally!  A couple of months ago I spent a very happy weekend doodling candy skull designs all over my mannequin head, just for fun, and it's been sat right under my nose.

Now I have short blond hair, not appropriate for a candy skull tribute I hear you say.  So I've made hair, just for me this time, based on the mermaid hair pattern but bigger.  I have actually crocheted a Mexican Day of the Dead wig!  It's so awesome.  Will get the twin over, have a practise on her and show you the results.


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