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The Handmade Fair 2014

Oh my god.  This was so epic it's almost impossible to imagine how I can actually convey it...

My best girl and I jumped on a train super early, she was in charge of the picnic I did tickets and we chugged through sussex up to Hampton Court.  The venue was so beautiful we probably could have spent the day just roaming around the grounds, but we duly trotted in to fair and had our socks knocked off.

The making tents and craft sessions were fantastic, we had a session by Sesame Origami which was brilliant, and our teacher was super cute.  We saw the conversation with Kaffe Fasset and Kirsty Allsop which needs a whole post all to itself.  He is just awwwwwwwwesome.

The selling tents were monumental and I met fellow internet crafters in the flesh, as well as getting some bananas yarns that I'm SO excited about using...  Here are some pics, there just aren't words.

And I love you Kate Sully xxx


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