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Autumn Yarn

I've been working on stuff for The Book so long, writing patterns, counting stitches and generally getting very tightly wound, that I am abandoning the Mitten Mission and going for some good, old fashioned,'let's just crochet and see what happens'.

I've dug through the yarn mountain, picked out my most autumnal colours and I'm just going to go freestyle and make an infinity scarf of some sort.

Autumn is my absolute favourite season. The weather cools enough to start getting out all the wool wear and the colours everywhere are glorious.  The evenings shorten, the blankets come out and there's a sense of complete peace, it's like everything gives a big satisfied sigh as the conkers are dropped, the final berries ripen and all that's left is to wait for the pumpkins to fatten.

So, autumn colour yarn for an autumn tribute scarf.


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