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The good with the bad

I love crochet, you know I do, but I thought that today I'd share something more important than the successes.  Sometimes it just doesn't work out.  You can have a great idea and after a week of crocheting and unravelling and starting again, sometimes you just have to have a break, take a breath, wait for the RSI to abate and then start again.

I had an idea for some mittens with a cable crochet owl on them, that didn't work so I thought I'd just make a plain pair.  Turns out you need to make mittens with a bit more room than you'd think. So then I thought 'oooooh, I'll make them with chevrons in' - turns out you REALLY need the right number of foundation stitches to make that work, you can't just wing it.

So I'm having a break.

I'll try again tomorrow.

Instead here's a picture of a baby beaver to make me feel better.


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