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Any of you that follow me in insta world will know that recently I started a group called Make it Better Social Club, it was a knee jerk to the extraordinary, divisive feeling that has grown out of Brexit here in the UK, and the result of the US elections.

I just got so frustrated with all the divisive, negativity in the world at the moment, and spent ages thinking that I had nothing to offer but craft.  Then I thought about what making stuff means to me, and it's about creating something with meaning, that isn't part of a throwaway culture, and it's also about making other people happy.  So I figured I could create a little space for like minded people, with a similar, social conscience, that love to make.  We can fight the fear and negativity in a modern-day, WI kind of way (without the lessons in how to work defibrillators or CPR!) by swapping skills, supporting each other and offering a gentle message of sustainability and political inclusivity, without it feeling like activism. 
Just nice, with making stuff.  
Make more, take less.
I'm still working out how best to use it, but please come and join us if you feel this way too, and we can work it out together!


  1. Could we please have the link to the group as I would love to join.

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