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This year, as I sat and started making Christmas gifts for people, I had a bit of a revelation.  We all know that making gifts for people is a way of justifying our craft habit, and the pleasure is really in the making, rather than in the giving.  But I always assumed that people would acknowledge, understand and therefore love the things I'd made for them because of the time, effort and energy and thought that went in to making them.  This is not necessarily the case.

I say this as someone that was thoroughly enjoying learning to knit last week, and thinking about people I could practice my newfound skill on, by bestowing lovingly mangled wristwarmers on.  It wasn't until I'd got to the end of a left-hand that I realised that it was horrible.  I'd been practicing stripes, and as much as I was enjoying it, the end result was hideous.  I knew instantly, that if someone had given them to me as a Christmas present, they would have been consigned to the back of a cupboard for the rest of their life.  And then I started to think about some of the things that people HAVE made me, and I really didn't appreciate, and it led to me this thought...

Just because it's hand-made, it doesn't have to look like it is.

I have the skills to make something that is really quite lovely.  Hell, we ALL have.  So instead I've taken a bit more time to really think about what people will want, and even if it's not exactly the thing I feel  like making, I'd rather they had something they'll truly treasure rather than something I want to make.  So here are the things that are currently underway at Maison Steel...

Embroidered Mermaid Top

Horribly fiddly but ultimately awesome 'K' cushion

More ends than you can bare, but flipping cool hexie cushion

I wouldn't normally set myself such fiddly challenges, but if it's a few more ends to deal with and a lifetime of love and appreciation, then I'll take it.

p.s. the Hexie Pattern will be free for you to download from the LoveCrochet blog on 22nd December as a special Christmas treat xxx


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