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One Skein Sloe Gin

The weather keeps luring us in to a false sense of security here in the UK, it'll be bitterly cold for a day or two, and then, like today, it'll be practically spring like in the sunshine.  As a compulsive wool wearer, I literally love to find any excuse to have a snood/scarf/shawl about my person, but with the changing temperature, you need to pick your woollen, neck wear carefully.

For me, an infinity scarf is the perfect accompaniment, looped over a couple of times when the cold winds blow, or loose and hanging when the sun is shining.  And you know me by now, if I can get a bit of inspiration for a make from the hedgerows of Sussex, then I will!  So when I came across Noro's Hakone from Laughing Hens it seemed the ideal culprit for a little, sloe inspired infinity scarf.

I've used Noro yarn before, and I really love the way they variegate their yarn - the colours change form one end, to the middle and then back again, none of this stripy style, repeat, it feels much more natural than that.  They're a company that's close to my heart as they believe in using natural materials rather than acrylics and chemicals, this particular blend is all wool, but they also do amazing things with silks, mohair and alpaca.

As soon as it arrived I knew it was destined to be a one skein infinity scarf, but as soon as I'd finished it, Mr.Steel pinched it to go with his tweed jacket, and I literally haven't seen it since.  They do look beautiful together though (the tweed and the scarf, not the husband!  Although I think he's alright too).  And the natural, sloe coloured tones in the Noro made it feel perfect to be named the 'One Skein Sloe Gin' scarf.

(The blur in this pic is actually because the texture of the wool is so soft  - you can see it in contrast to the hook, it's just lovely!)

You can find the Noro Hakon at Laughing Hen's website, and the pattern for this infinity scarf in my shop.  (And if you're feeling generous you could make it for your husband, and that is quite a big if...)

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