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Crochet Saved My Life

This is a really hard post to write, but I think it's important.  There's been so much sadness and beauty around the death of Wink, A Creative Being, and creator of many beautiful crochet mandalas.  My only connection to her is through instagram, but it's impossible to miss the waves of compassion coming from the crochet community for her family and in her honor.

She was featured in the amazing book 'Crochet Saved my Life' by Kathryn Vircello, author of Crochet Concupiscene blog, and a very talented lady.  I don't usually share personal things here, I don't feel like I want people to see or know that side of me, or feel that I'm looking for sympathy or am somehow weak.  But that's the point, it's not weak, and the more people share their experiences, the less stigma is attached mental health issues, and the more help people can get.

Crochet has saved my life too.  I've been suffering from PTSD for two years now, (I don't want to share why) but I have crippling health anxiety which is overwhelming; fear, terror, depression, they're all things that come unbidden and daily.  But crochet has honestly helped me through, and continues to do so.  The rhythm is soothing, getting lost in counting endless rows and rounds.  When I'm getting worked up and distraught, I can pick up my hook and yarn, and the feel of it starts to work it's magic straight away.  It can bring me peace, often when nothing else can.

It's so so sad that Wink felt that there wasn't another way out, and I truly understand that.  I'm lucky, only very recently was I finally able to ask for help and am now in the process of finding a way to heal.

There is no shame in having a mental health issue, there really isn't.

Love and thoughts to Marinke's family. xxx


  1. I’ve only just recently come across your blog, and don’t actually crochet myself, but I do knit. And I just wanted to say thank you for sharing, as I know it can know how hard to can be to write and speak of such things. I was diagnosed with cancer two years ago (in the clear now!) and that’s when I took up knitting. I find the methodical, repetitive motion very calming as well, and it’s helped me through all sorts of anxiety and stress. I hope you find your peace with PTSD. All the best.

  2. Thanks so much Alison, it's just amazing how many people are out there, sharing similar experiences that can often feel so isolating. Making stuff with your hands is amazing :) xxx

  3. Here's to a wonderful community of compassion & love. Sharing is to heal.... take care. ⭐

  4. Thanks Josephine, sometimes the internet is amazing xxx

  5. I too was published in the same book..Crochet Saved my Life....I'm Fran...I agree with you it very hard..I have PTSD and crocheting helps...but I can see how Wink must have really felt alone...I feel very bad..her family is crushed...
    She did such beautiful things...may she RIP...

  6. Hi everyone I lost my daughter in 2015 Vanessa was 19 and I to through myself into crocheting which I hadn't done for years I learn do much from you tube and crochet designers I agree every stitch help pause the hurt emptineSs loss . Keep crocheting friends we'll al get through our own journey's together. Natalie

  7. If we suPport each otheR we'Ll get through our grief and health issues . And share our experiences

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