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Clever ways with Hexies

I managed to avoid getting carried away with succulents.  I happily ignored the need for a geometric glass plant holder.  I even managed not to get an origami tattoo (oh, hang on...).  But I can't get away from triangles!  Or maybe to be more accurate - hexagons.  The hexie is a long established part of the crocheters repertoire, deftly patched together to make beautiful blankets and home wares.  Being a bit traditional, I was never really drawn to it, but during the most recent book I was very kindly gifted a pattern by the lovely Loes (@pomenco, go find her on instagram).  It was a quick way to make a 3d hexie, using colour changing.

Since then I have literally been hooked, and it keeps sparking all sorts of ides about how to use a traditional motif in a contemporary way.  Playing with colour and chopping and changing is really effective, and as long as you work over the ends as you go, is a quick way of creating something graphic and dramatic.

For now here are some geometric makes, and when I get a minute, I'll do a how to on the colour change hexie.  Oh, and the new wall in my craft room, which I am all sorts of in love with!

It's not a hexie, but it IS an origami fox tattoo ;)  

And with a triangle template, some tester pots and an afternoon, this is what happened to my wall...


  1. I am dying to get this three color hexigon pattern. Think it will be great for my friend's baby blanket I'm going to make for her.

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