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Late-Spring Colours

It's been so peculiar seeing the magnolia flowers blooming alongside the rhododendrons, it's always saddening to see how climate change is playing havoc with the weather.  One of things I love about taking inspiration from the natural world around me, is how in tune you become with the changing cycle of the seasons.  You start to watch for when the flowers are blooming, which in turn makes you notice which birds are in the hedgerows, or when the berries are ripening. 

When I was stuck in an office all day, this was something experienced from the car on the way to school, on the train during the commute.  It takes you away from what's actually going on around you, and numbs you to reality of what's happening to our eco-systems.  Having the opportunity to live how I do; creating and capturing the colours of the hedgerows as part of my work, has really brought home how things are changing. 

I'm not a preachy sort, and I really understand how difficult it is to take on ALL the worries of the world, especially when you're just trying to get through each day.  But try and take some time to experience the world outside, on your door step, get in sync with it, and value it for how amazing it is.

Anyway, here's some more late-spring yarnporn and colour inspiration, courtesy of the hedgerows leading to my house.

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  1. Wow these are great and I know what you mean about the effect of climate change on the weather and our plants. It was very sad to see daffodils out in early January...