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I am SUCH a schizophrenic designer!  Half the time I love naturalistic, skandi, minimal colours and concepts.  Think of those beautiful washed out images you find in Cereal Magazine, all that merest hint and barely there suggestion.  The other half the time all I want is in-your-face, blousy, bright, neon colours and super kitsch styling, think HRH Gwen Stafani.

With one collection recently finished, a new one is beginning to form in my head, or rather, TWO new ones.  I was trying to fight it for ages, trying to somehow yoke them together with a common theme, to make one cohesive collection and it was frustrating and aggravating and just not working.  It wasn't until a very talented maker Freya Blomst suggested that this conflict wasn't actually a conflict at all, but balance, that everything clicked.

Now I'm balancing my desire to work with the beautiful, natural colours of spring where I live, with the desire to indulge mint and pinks of candy-pop spring.  So don't fight your own nature friends, a bit of everything is healthy, it's all about balance.


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