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In January I made a resolution, that this year it would be all about connecting and working with other people.  I'm extremely lucky to have the job I do, making money from crochet is an amazing thing, but it does tend to lead to shuffling around the house in your joggers all day, talking to the cat.

So on New Years Eve (after a glass of fizz), I sent out emails, to people I admire and have found through the magic of the internet and social media.  Just to say hi, and that I love their work, or that I loved meeting them over the last year.  Thankfully none of them thought I was a lunatic, and all of them have responded positively, and a couple of us are now working on some really wonderful collaborations, which I will hopefully be able to tell you about if they become successful.  But even if they don't, the real joy has been in making friends with lovely people.

On that note, I was invited to host another workshop for the brilliant LoveCrochet last week.  Having learned from previous workshops, we talked about getting a couple more helpers in, so the fantastic Kath Webber and Emma Potter  were invited too.  Getting to hang out lovelies you've only chatted to online is amazing.  We're now officially a crochet girl gang, but I'd invite all of you to join!

Doing what you love is all very well, but doing it with like-minded people is even better.  Hop on instagram and come find @crochetgirlgang, literally everyone is welcome, and all we want to do is share our love of woolly things and make friends.


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