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So you all know by now that I'm not any good at blogging regularly, but I have been ridiculously busy.  I've been pulling together bits for a 'Hipster' collection, mainly designing and making new pieces, but also from dusting off half finished wips (works in progress) and giving them some new life.

There are always those pieces that you get half way through and then just run out of steam.  NEVER throw them away!  Tuck them tidily into your stash and then months (sometimes years) later you can look at them and suddenly see their potential.  It may not be what you originally had in mind, but design can be a slow process, and sometimes you need that time apart to realise how much you can mean to each other.

This super cute kitten hood was just that - the hood was made but I just didn't know what I wanted to finish it.  I tried tassles and pompoms but neither worked, and then it languished for a year in the craft box.  On digging it out a few weeks ago it screamed 'GIVE ME KITTEN EARS!' and that was that.  So give your wips a chance guys, they CAN fullfil their potential!  (The hood pattern is on sale for a limited time only on Etsy x)

(Here are some sneaky peeks at my upcoming hipster collection, hopefully it's enough to give you an idea but not too much to give the game away!)


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