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Living at the Speed of an Insect

I'm one of those people that lives and eats like an insect: fast and sugar only.  As I get older I'm trying to learn to slow it down, appreciate things more, vary my diet and not expect everyone to respond to my texts/emails/wassap instantaneously.  It's not going well.  When I quit the rat race a few months ago I started working on a couple of collections, I didn't get any feed back and I started to lose heart.  That feedback has finally come and things are moving forward in a super positive way.

The problem with living like this is that if you don't get a response when you expect it (like, now), you think that it must be for a negative reason - the respondent has died for example, or maybe, and a less extreme example, they just think you had a horrible idea and are now hoping that if they ignore you, you'll go away.

What I'm trying to say is don't be disheartened fellow insects, if you've finally got the guts up to email that publisher/magazine/organisation that you want to get involved with, and it's a few weeks down the line and they still haven't got back to you. They're busy people.  If you've had a good idea, they will.  You just need to slow it down and be patient.

All of these pics are little peeks from the new collections.


  1. Thank you so much Crochetblogger, I LOVE Crochet Concupiscene!! And 'Crochet Saved My Life' (it saved mine too) xxx

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