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Back to Basics

This crocheting business all started with making things for my many muses - my boys, my besties, my beloved and my sisters.  I've spent years now making things for publishing, so this week I've gone back to where it all began, and do you know something?  I think I'd forgotten how much I actually love crochet.  This week there's been:

No writing down patterns.
No worrying about yarn brands.
No thinking about if it'll photograph nicely or fit in with the 'collection'.

Just good, old fashioned making things for people I love.  It's like doodling with yarn to make people happy.  It's the best.  And I really, really love crochet.

This little crow was for my beloveds birthday - he's always wanted a pet crow, and now he can keep this one in his pocket.  Yes, it's very difficult to photograph him , no, I don't care!

And I have a lovely friend who is about to have her second baby.  She willingly sacrificed her husbands time to make me a crochet app (more on that another day), and said I could pay in crochet.  I haven't made this in payment, I've made this as a gift.  We called her Strawbs at uni, so this is in honour of that: a little strawberry new born hat and cutey booties :)

(Ok, so I did write the pattern up after and get it on Etsy, but they're too cute not to share!)

I think the lesson here might be to take time out more often, to remember why I do this in the first place.  Don't get me wrong, designing patterns is literally the best job in the entire world, but sometimes it's good to remember where you came from and why.


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