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Nourishing Your Creativity

What I'm having to come to terms with, is that I'm not a great blogger.  I like meeting people, and talking to them!  I'm not unhappy with my written 'voice' but I really am all about physical, human interaction.  But let's not forget the visuals, I'm ALL about the visuals.  Words just can't do justice to the delight and beauty that I see in things around me, or the effect that they have on me on so many levels, but I can capture and share some of that.  So I shall continue with the blogging and hope to carry on meeting like minded lovelies.

On the theme of delightful and beautiful things, this really is where I get a lot of my inspiration.  I find collecting images feeds my creativity - those little snap shots sink in to your subconscious, and weeks later, when you're out picking yarn for a new bag or hair bow, they come back out.  So if you ever wonder if the compulsive need to photograph things is unhealthy, or what the borderline breaking and entering to steal a flower from a rail waysiding is for, remember: it's nourishing your creativity.

Here are some of my faves from this week: 1. A stolen flower from a rail way siding.  2. The shadow from a coil of ribbon.  3. Gifts from my love.  4. The colour of the sea sent me straight home to this ball of cotton yarn



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