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Making Opportunities

Apparently I'm rubbish at being unemployed - I keep finding myself applying for jobs before I remember that I'm 'freelance', stay-at-home-mumming and trying to live in a more holistic way.  To combat this I have written a very long list of things to do to promote the freelance crochet designing which anyone can do, and hopefully you might find useful.

Completed items:

1. Emailed 'Inside Crochet' to thank them for the lovely spread from my book, as well as asked if they'd like to work together.  They have already got back to me and said they would and my mind is whizzing with possible ideas. Big tick.

2. Made and photographed a submission for 'PomPom Magazine' for their winter edition. Half Tick - this needs to be finished please Emma

3. Got my self together to get all the finished pics and text to the gorgeous Bibelot Online Magazine, which they will be featuring on Wednesday :)  Have another Big Tick.

4. Sat down to write this blog post.  Could have done better.

There are many other things I need to do but haven't, like figuring out exactly how to navigate Ravelry and finishing a piece for a collaboration with the lovely Poppies & Polkadots, but the moral of this story, ahem 'list' is: that you have to make your own opportunities, no one else will.  And you never know, it might just pay off!

I'll leave you with a sneaky peak of the pattern that will be available, for free, on the Poppies & Polkadots website from June...


  1. Well done on being so organised! I am a stay at home mum who is meant to do a bit of sewing and blogging but I don't always manage it! I try to get a feature a month in magazines but even then something often pops up and distracts me xx

  2. your blog is so lovely, how do you find the time?! I thought I'd have heaps more time to get things done, but between the little one and the school run for the big one, very little seems to happen! x