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I'm in love...

It's a good few weeks since leaving the real world and it's a genuinely unsettling experience.  I truly realised this one Wednesday morning, while waiting to meet a woman about a spinning wheel, when I pulled in to a little lay by near a local nature reserve and sat watching roosting crows.  After a while I found myself scrabbling about on the back seat of the car looking for discarded croissant crumbs from the beasts, to feed to the crows in the hope that I might befriend them, and they in turn, would bring me presents. 

This is when it hit me that I was lacking the structure and social aspects that a real job provides.  The crows didn't bring me presents.

The second moment I realised that things might be getting a bit out of hand was a little later on the same day, when I went to meet an accountant to discuss how to Do Things Properly.  He looked at my projected income for the year and said:  "so this is clearly a lifestyle choice as opposed to making any money?"  I giggled like a lunatic for a good 20 minutes.

But who cares, because I BOUGHT THE SPINNING WHEEL!  And even more amazingly, the phenomenal craft-witch that I bought it from has offered to teach me how to use it, as well as sharing with me all her astonishing crafty secrets.  This gorgeous creature is 83 years old and can spin yarn from almost anything, she's made yarn from nettles and dyed them with Dhalias from her garden!  I nearly fainted with glee.  So not only do I have a real human (not a crow) with whom I shall have regular contact, but as I learn I shall share the joy here and have contact with you lovely people.


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