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How to Make Money from Crochet - last one!

I know this has been epic, and a bit drawn out, but hopefully it's of some use.  Here's the last installment, but it's nice and short!

Somehow I was still finding time to make some stuff for us at home, again I’d pop pics on the blog and after the first book was finished, they asked if I’d be interested in doing another – based on some of the big hook bits I’d shared on the blog.  This was much harder as I didn’t have 20 patterns already to go, so I had 35 makes to do in 4 months.  AND still doing the day job, school run blah blah blah.  It was just far too much, and I worked out that if I was careful I’d be able to make it through 6 months with the income from the books.  So I’ve quit the office job, aaaagghhh….

But it’s ok, because now I have time to do all the things I haven’t had time to do, here’s my list of what’s next:

1. Open a Ravelry account and start selling there – it’s much more the ‘industry’ standard

2. Set up a website, or at least work out how to get proper tabs on my blog so I can have links to different things

3. Get involved in the amazing online world of yarn lovers and makers

4. Get out to craft fairs and expos and meet people with similar interests, you never know where new relationships will take you

5. Find a part-time job – while this is amazing, there are still little mouths that need feeding, and it’ll take the edge off that worry

6. Start working on the next crochet collection!
So this is the beginning of the next collection, it's a work in progress - I'd get horribly bored if I didn't keep learning, so it's all tapestry  crochet based as that's what I'm enjoying learning at the moment.  I figure this is a good excuse to get the ravelry account up and running, so you can all get your paws on these patterns asap!

Summer bag - so excited to use this!
Sunglasses case, simple but extremely effective

Super cute jar holders in spring colours


  1. Really lovely your blog, thanks for stopping by my linkedin account. :)

  2. Thanks Bethany, I'm just not so good at finding the time to post often enough! Just found you on instagram, love your pics :) x

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