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New Year, New Leaves

Dear Blogsphere, craft fans and the internet,

Firstly I must apologise for the absence; there was Christmas, New Year, Book 1 about to go into print, Book 2 well under way, regular job, looking after the beasts, cooking, cleaning (ok, maybe not so much of the cleaning), trying to be healthy and happy and the usual collection of family dramas, non-family dramas, tears and the Hunger Games trilogy to get through.

And I decided it was all too much.  There has to be a better way.

So I've handed in my notice, and from mid-feb I'm going to see if there IS a better way.  A way to make crochet, craft and creativity pay enough, backed up by growing as much of our food as possible as well as making,  mending, upcycling and creating a home-made home that doesn't compromise on style.

I know lots of you have been thinking about this too, it's not just me that's fed up with never seeing the children, commuting horrid hours, eating rubbish because it's quick and easy, being shattered when the weekend comes, so I invite you all to embark on this journey with me. From the comfort of your computer you can watch and see how it all unfolds.  I'll post as much of the crafty stuff as I'm allowed to share with you (without breaching any sort of contract with The Publisher), give you advice on how you too can make money from crafting, post whatever tutorials might be useful, money-saving and fun, as well as all the stuff that we'll learn about living in a  way that gives us more time together, is healthier, way more sustainable and hopefully much, much more fulfilling.  (I tell you, it better chuffing had be, I've given up a terribly sensible job for this...)

p.s. this is me, hi. 

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