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Pom pom addiciton

I have this thing about 'integrity of making' (which is as meaningless as it sounds, or at least I don't know exactly what I mean when I say it, but kind of have a feeling about what it's SUPPOSED to mean), and I have made many, many pompoms over the last few years using the traditional method of 2 circles of card with a hole int he middle.  I've gone through the faff of making mini-balls of yarn that will fit through the central hole, I've experimented making the hole big enough for a ball of wool (nope, didn't work), I've used chair backs to make MASSIVE pompoms which was a Herculean effort. 

Now, I saw Her Royal Highness Kirsty Allsop using a pompom maker on a tv show ages ago, and I sneered.  I turned my disgusted nose up and wittered on about 'plastic contraptions' and 'what's wrong with a bit of cardboard?' and diligently spent many more months resentfully fudging half unwound balls of wool through cardboard hoops, but feeling like a craft puritan.

Last week I entered my first Hobbycraft (don't ask, that's another post) and Mr.Steel&Stitch said "have you seen this?", plonking a couple of pompom makers in my hand before running off to catch a child before he took down the store.  I stared at them for a LONG time before putting them in my basket, but come home with us they did.

OH MY G.O.S.H!  They are AWESOME (a whole world of Lego Movie references right there).  Big beast and I literally spent 3 hours making pompoms in our pajamas on sunday morning- quite honestly the single best morning of my entire life.  I later collected twin and her beasts and then they spent 3 hours making pompoms.  It's so easy!  It's so quick!  You can do 6 strands at once!  Any mix of colours, 4 different sizes, a design so simple a 6 year old can do it!  We are going to have a very pompom themed Christams this year...

All craft puritans, give yourself a break and purchase some IMMEDIATELY.


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