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Crochet Halloween

Finally, Halloween arrived!  This was our first Halloween in our new house and it was amazing.  There were swathes of little monsters, witches and ghosties roaming from door to door, our little beasts got the idea VERY quickly and ended the evening with, literally, buckets of sweets.

The big beast got up at 5am in his excitement, and we'd watched 'Nightmare Before Christmas' by 6.30am.  We spent the day carving pumpkins, collecting leaves and autumnal things from the park and dressing the house.  It all got a bit Martha Stewart, but looked amazing.  

The candy skull crochet wig worked out amazingly, and the floral headdress is still one of my favourite makes ever.  Seeing how much effort all the people near us made, getting dressed up was the least we could do!

Inkeeping with the candy skull theme, I worked my socks off to get a candy skull rug ready in time, getting up at 4am but when you get a picture in your head if what you want to make it's hard to let go until it's done.  This is 1/2km of yarn and 10 hours work, my back and knees were ruined from crawling round the floor, but it's so freaking cool it was worth every second.


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