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Recently I was invited to have a sneak preview of some patterns for a new knit & crochet magazine, 'Your Knitting & Crochet', I mean, who says no to that?!  And what I found was a very charming, really lovely collection of patterns for everyone from beginners to hardcore hooksters. Being given a choice of one to make, I went straight to where I began, which is with some super simple, little play things: fairytale finger puppets.

 I’m a bit utilitarian in my approach to making, so having something useful - toys for my boys  (specially the littlest, he loves a bit of make believe with figures) was ideal. This sweet pattern shows you how to make characters from Snow White & the Huntsman, including the witch queen, seven little men and Chris Hemsworth.  Ahem, I mean the Huntsman, although I did my damndest to make a mini-woolen version of Mr Hemsworth with the free woolly kit that comes with the magazine!

For a seasoned pro like me, these figures worked up really quickly, and I loved having the opportunity to take liberties with all the colours, adn mix and match them to give my characters different identities.  But these guys would be perfect for a beginner, they’re just one stitch, worked in the round, and give you a chance to have a go at changing colour and tackling a magic ring (if you’re feeling brave!).

Any new magazine that is getting out there to encourage people to get crocheting, help people to grow confidence with a hook or needles, and generally just sharing a love of hand making, has my full support.  Arts like crochet can be mastered by practically anyone (apart from my Mum), and gives us all a common ground to share a love of craft and all things woolly. I just want to add, that I also had much more fun than I should have, giving them all different hair styles, which just goes to show that you’re never too old to play with dolls.

For more info hit the link , or if Facebook is more you thing, that's here too.


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