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Modern Granny Challenge

Ok, so I said I wasn't going to post for a while, but the Easter hols have hit, I'm home alone with the Beast's, and this is the perfect space to touch base with my community and find some sanity.

I kind of want to say something about that I've been keeping in for an age, but it was never the right time to say.  I also don't want to come off as a whinger and a whiner, as the online community has been my lifeblood for the last couple of years, but it seems important, so, here I go (deep breath).  Just over a year ago I started the CrochetGirlGang on IG, invited some other makers on board, and in the beginning it was a genuine, positive, collective experience.  But then I gave over the account log in info, and passwords, and was very unceremoniously booted from the set up.  It's left me feeling incredibly jaded and untrusting of the IG and online world, and I've been struggling to engage with it since then.

Gorgeous IG family, I keep trying to get back on board with the whole thing, so please forgive me if I've seemed absent, but it's been much harder to recover than I thought.  I will get there!  Mrs.Steel's is absolutely a bid to find my tribe again, but I can only apologise if I'm not as on board with it as I should be.

Whinging over.  In other news, I've had the incredible good fortune to have made 3 separate makes for Mollie Makes mag, as well as some brilliant challenges for Simply Crochet, and some sneaky filming for a new project that I can't tell you about just yet.  I've also been carrying on with my Modern Granny Challenge that I set myself in January, it's been really exciting and a lovely way to engage with the online crochet community.  So here are some pics of the makes so far, (I was thinking about turning them into a calendar for next year, assuming I get that far!) they're all using traditional hexies or Granny squares, but using some contemporary colours and interesting patterns to bring them bang up to date.


  1. I really love your hexagonal granny and wonder if it's suitable for a relative newbie to crochet.

    With regard the social media life - many of us have perhaps woken up to the reality of life in the Now. We live and breathe the same air as our neighbours - sometimes it's light and reviving; other times its more fowsty and suffocating. But being in a real live community has many benefits.

    It's a matter of balance: some online hours, many real life ones. I worked hard online for many years when the Web was flourishing. I write, blog and post far less now since moving to an apartment with community on tap.

    I hope you find the people you can trust. Keep on making such wonderful designs and enjoy the process. God speed.

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely words Shirley! I took them to heart adn have been finding my balance :)

      I think the hexie granny is a brillint place to start for a relative newbie, it'll teach you a bit of colour change work and then that's it! xxx

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