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This week I had a slightly unusual crochet commission.  Not unusual as in "can you make me a giant banana?" but unusual as in "oh, I don't usually make things like that".

But I took it on anyway (gotta get paid somehow), and had 3 days to make a 1970's hat, following a 1970's pattern.  For that whole 3 days, all I could be heard muttering, as I was hunched over my hook and yarn with burning RSI was: "but this is INSANE!"

It's a classic, Irish picot, frilly flower, bonkers bonnet of a thing, that I would never wear, or even come near to designing in a squillion years.   But I learned a lot from it.  By the 4th flower I was totally down with how to make the petals do that, lifty uppy thing, and by the end I'd say I could confidently make something out of a picot mesh if I so desired.

So this week I've learned to step outside my comfort zone, because you never know what you'll discover until you do (one of those being that I will never wear a floral, Irish picot bonnet in red.  Ever).



  1. I have finally returned to blogger! I think I might have my mojo back, I'm not sure. But I sure am glad I found you on here! x

    1. Kath! I'm so rubbish at blogging (I really don't get it still) but I keep trying, so nice to see you. I shall now stalk you and read all your blog posts for the last year ;) xxx