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I started this blog as a way of charting and sharing my adventure into the unknown realms of trying to make it as a crochet professional.  It's been over 18 months since I took the plunge, and in the beginning I didn't think it could possibly work.  But it's been incredible.

My top tips if you're thinking of doing this yourself?

1. Sell the things that let other make - get the guts up to write those patterns and get them online, making things will never be worth your time!

2. Get your online presence sorted - blog/instagram/youtube you name it, get on it.

3. Don't be afraid! - approach those magazines, ask people if they want to collaborate, he worst you will hear is 'no'.

4. Things take time - it won't happen all at once, give yourself a break and let it grow on its own.

The only thing is, I now have so much work and so many commissions, I have very little time for blogging!  I will try and keep on top of it, but right now, I'm going to commit to posting once a month, in the mean time you can keep up to date with me over on instagram.

In the meantime, here's a sneaky peek of my new book, out on 20th of Septmeber ;) xxx

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