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How To.. Tapestry Crochet

Hello lovehearts, in insta-world there have been a lot of queries about how to tapestry crochet, and seeing as we're doing some final 'how to's' for the new book, I thought I share some of them with you.

Tapestry crochet is also known as intarsia, jacquard, colourwork, fairisle or mosaic, and is a neat and quick way of changing colour.  You can either work over all the different coloured yarns you have to make a nice, stiff fabric, or you can pick them up, working over a them every few stitches.
 Work over the colour you want to change to for a few stitches, or hold it next to your work, where you want to change.
 Work the first part of your stitch in the existing colour...
Work the final yarn over in the new colour, and pull through all loops on your hook.

 Work the next stitch in the new colour...

...Until you want change again, and then repeat the process - finishing the last yarn over with the next colour.

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