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In my last post I talked about some of the more challenging aspects of being a freelance crochet designer, but now here's some of the ways to remedy that.

1. Those long hours?  Yes, it can sometimes feel like there's still a million rows to go, and your wrists are actually going to snap off, but, I'd probably be doing it anyway.  Even if this wasn't my job, crochet is such a brilliant, therapeutic tool, that when things are difficult, it's my go to stress relief.  I also love how instead of wasting a few hours watching trash on tv, you can actually be making something, with meaning, for someone you love.

2.  The pittance.  So no, I don't make as much as I used to but, I no longer have to pay for or endure the commute.  I don't have to find money for childcare, pay for after school clubs, and lose my mind trying to find enough relatives and clubs during the holidays.  I get to go to all those assemblies, nativities and football matches (I lie, they don't do football yet, but if they do, then I can) and take them home when they're feeling ill.  I'd take that pay cut any day.

3. Social isolation.  This one has taken a bit longer, and leaving my office full of pals was a real struggle, but over the last year, mediums like instagram have become an amazing place to meet people and make friends.  Once I got the guts up to start leaving posts for people it just got easier, and eventually I've met up with some amazing, like-minded people, that I stay in touch with every day through social media.  The other thing that's been great, has been going to my local cafe to work.  Taking along the wool and hook is a great conversation starter, and now it's like my mini-office.

And if you're still struggling?  Treat yourself kindly, this bunch of spring flowers has been keeping me going all week :) xxx



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