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Lesson 2

Thanks for all the positive IG feedback ladybirds, am heartened and shall carry on!

No.2. How do you want it to look?  It's really worth taking the time to get this right.  You may find that you go through a few variations before you do, but don't worry, that's part of the process.  You can get a good idea of what aesthetic you like by checking out what other people do. Who's your favourite crochet designer? Experiment and find a style that works for you, then make sure you apply it to all your online platforms. Consistency and quality design create an air of professionalism, which people trust!

Which is the best online store for you?  Etsy is recognised as the place for handmade, but it’s so big you can get lost in it.  It also has a very definitive aesthetic, but it can be a great facility when you get it right.  Ravelry is for the fibre purists (I really struggle with it).  LoveCrochet is great because it’s specifically for crochet and has a really accessible selling facility.  There's also all the social media platforms, but bear in mind that the craft-seller sites are where people automatically go to look for that sort of thing.  Have a look and see where your audience is, it may be all of them!


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