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Reaching Out

I just wanted to take a minute to reflect on the last week and talk about the importance of being able to reach out to people.

On Monday I met with an amazingly enthusiastic and dedicated lady called Louise.  She set up and runs South Downs Yarn; a locally made, locally sourced, naturally dyed yarn company based in West Sussex.  It came about because I'd emailed her, having followed the internet trail from her Instagram account, just to say I loved what she was doing and if she was ever near me that it would be lovely to meet.  She was, and we did.  There was no plan to this, but we came away having discussed our mutual love of beautiful wool, sustainability and with talks of how lovely it would be to collaborate in the new year.

On Friday I met with Jenni from LoveCrochet, and ran a crochet snowflake workshop for her and Stylist Magazine at the amazing Drink, Shop & Do in London.  Jenni and I have been working with each other for a few months now, since she approached me through my Instagram account, but this was our first opportunity to meet.  It was amazing!  The workshops were packed, Jenni was properly lovely, as  were the rest of the LoveCrochet team.  I also got to meet other talented makers, as well as all the people that came to the workshops.

A little later on Friday I took advantage of the London location, and arranged to meet with Claire Montgomerie and Kath Webber, again, found through Instagram; two other very talented, published, super pro crochet designers and journalists.  Although we only had an hour, it was beyond gorgeous to get to know other, like minded ladies, swap stories and leave with a promise to meet again soon.

All of these came about from being brave enough to reach out and just say hi.  I feel like I've made some real friends, as well as having started all sorts of creative sparks to do things together in the future.  So even if you're scared as hell, just say hi to someone, you never know wher eit may take you.

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