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Free 'Hey Duggee' Crochet Patterns

Hello!  Our summer break began last week and we've been off on the first of many legs, visiting family around the country.  First leg was to my identical twins for a few days.  She has two boys of similar ages and dispositions to mine so it's always super easy.  On unpacking the car they saw this very beautiful bag - it was hand sewn by an epic friend (go find her at Sky Meadow Bakery, she's an exceptionally talented baker too!), and I always use it to carry my yarn about with me.

Them: "What's in that bag Aunty Em?"
Me: "Wool"
Them: "Ooooh, so ANYTHING?!"

Each nephew had a request, actually one nephew and an identical twin had a request, so by the end of the hols, these scrap-yarn, 'Hey Duggee' characters were left behind and tucked in to various beds.

The shorthand versions of the patterns are on the pics, but here are the longhand versions too (using US terminology).

Rnd 1. using dark brown yarn, mr 6, (6)
Rnd 2. 2sc in each st (12)
Rnd 3. *2sc in next st, sc in the next* rpt to end (18)
Rnd 4. *2sc in the next st, sc in the next 8 st's* rpt to end (20)
Rnd 5-9. sc in each st
Rnd 10-12. Swap to lighter colour yarn and sc in each st
Rnd 13. *sc2tog, sc in next st* rpt to end
Rnd 14. sc2tog to close

Arms: mr4 in dark yarn, sc 1 row, then switch to light yarn and sc for 5 rows
Legs: using light yarn cast on an i-cord (excellent tutorial here) and do 3 rows in light colour and final row in dark
Nose: mr 4, 2sc in next 3 st's only
Ears: mr 6, 2sc in next 4 st's, sc in in next 4, ch1, turn, sc in next 4

Rnd 1. mr 6
Rnd 2-6. sc in each st
Rnd 7-9. Switch yarn sand sc in each
Rnd 10. sc2tog to close

Arms: ch 5
Legs: ch 3
Nose: mr 4
Ears: just a loop of yarn
Eye: paper stuck on with pritt stick!  (well, we were on holiday, you've got to manage with what you've got to hand!)

Would love to see any pics when you've made them!  Tag me on instagram at steelandstitch xxx


  1. I realy would like a bigger Hey Duggee crocht petern because this one looks very small .Thank you Tessie

  2. I'm absolutely desperate for a larger Duggee pattern too; can't finD one anywhere. It's for a very poorly baby boy so I'm gutted 😢 xx

  3. Oh these are so lovely!! So glad I have stumbled across your blog!! Can't wait to get exploring and see what else I find :)

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