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Shiny and New!

Or 'How to Make Your Blog Look Like a Super Pro Website'!

I am VERY excited to share my shiny new look.  On my leaving-the-real-world-to-become-a-crochet-pro journey I thought it was finally time that I looked like a crochet pro.  I have two books now, have been featured and contributed to lots of magazines and online things, but I realised my online presence was still saying 'amateur'.  It's time for an overhaul, and I know that when I'm looking for someone to do something for me, the first thing I do is go and look at there website, so clearly, I need a website.

Having spent a lot of time looking at web hosts and being really intimidated by the time or cost of getting something set up, my brother-in-law suggested I just use my blogger account.  Figuring it was a good place to start I spent 4 hours yesterday, wiggling gadgets around, working out how to add in tabs and links to shops and changing my side bar.  In a bleary eyed state I called him and asked him to have a look for me, and he sent me this link:

Free Responsive Blog Designs

Oh my G.O.S.H it's amazing!  You copy the code, and then paste it into your blogs html section in 'Layout'.  That is honestly it!  Five minutes and you can have something that looks super professional and it's completely free!  Now all I have to do is buy my domain name, and I can have it set up as a proper .com.  Anyone wanting to up their online presence, I can't recommend this enough.

Just to add to this, on some very good advice, this week I've started using a proper camera to take my pics rather than my phone.  It's so much better - the images are crisper, you can change the light levels, all sorts of things that give your overall vibe a much more professional finish.  Having been nervous of it, it's completely worth taking the time to do it, see?

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