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Endings and Beginnings

Wow, what a week!  the Book was featured in 'Love Crochet' Magazine, I was browsing the crochet magazines in a shop and did the biggest shock-intake-of-breath next to a totally unprepared man, because my pattern was on the front cover!  Not big, in a corner, but still!

I also got my first copy of The Book, which was ridiculously exciting, and have been brandishing it on the school run and in the office.

Which brings me to the fact that today was my last day in the office.  That's it, goodbye security, groceries, lovely work pals and office chatting, hello uncertainty.  I had to run off without saying goodbye because I was ready to explode in unbidden, overwhelming tears.  It's such an exciting journey I'm embarking on, but I really will miss the comfort and support of those guys and that job.

Big breaths.

p.s. I realise I haven't even begun to explain how to make your craft work for you, but now I've finished work, and after half-term I promise I will!


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