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Crochet Dress Up

Ok, so I could write a post about all the things that have happened this week, but THIS is far more exciting.  The Book is available to pre-order!  Look!!  Crochet Dress-Up by Emma Friedlander-Collins, da daha daha dah da da da dahhhhhh (that's a fanfare).

It's been very nearly a year since the process began, when I emailed the lovely ladies at the CICO offices some fairly shoddy photos and a couple of links to this blog and my Etsy shop.  After a meeting at their offices where I turned up with an enormous pile of all the dressing up things I'd made for my beasts, the learning curve began.  And now we're here!

I really have to go and carry on making stuff for the next book, but will pick up again next week and explain how to get a collection together and make your crochet work for you too. xxx

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