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Tea & Teal

In my old(er) age I've developed what is now bordering on an obsession, with tea.  I'm British so I did have a head start, but as the hedonistic party years of youth are now drifting off into the horizon, and the relentless early starts of having 2 small beasts take their toll, tea is FAR more appealing in the evening than a glass o' something.  So the tea tasting began, there was a Clipper tea called snoozy time which was a lavender mix and I practically became addicted to but to my utter distress I can't find it stocked anywhere.  Yesterday I stumbled across a new tea.  An enticing and exotic tea.  And I think I might be in love.... It's Choco Chilli Yogi tea.  It's spicy, and warming and cuddly and sooooothing and I think I may have found my new, autumn addiction.

Tucked up with my new tea and a pile of super chunky real yarn, I set to work on an oversize shrug in an open scallop pattern, and in the coolest way, once it was finished it put me in mind of a 1970's bed jacket!  Honestly, what more could you ask for?

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