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Peanut butter hot chocolate and a giant crochet hook

My extremely clever and adorable husband, forwith known as Big Beast, has whipped me up another supersize crochet hook.  The last one was 28mm, this one is 25mm, and he broke a grandfather's garden fork today, so it looks like I'll be getting a 30mm one soon and the heirloom can live on.

Decided to make an oversize shrug, something to throw on in this still quite warm, but definitely beginning to cool off time of year, and in dark chocolate. Mmmm...

And to accompany all this on a cosy Saturday evening?  A new recipe from the Sarah Wilson Cook book of peanut butter hot chocolate, double mmmmm....  Life's pretty good x


  1. Well jel...peanut butter hot choc...mmmm & a new crochet hook to boot. When is he going into production? I have a spare broom handle....

    1. It's in Sarah Wilson! Was delish - but you have to drink while warm or the peanut butter resets!

    2. (And he's up stairs filing away now... X)

  2. My book hasn't arrived yet...did coconut meatballs on Friday pm tho - totes delish.
    First customer right here for one of those wooden wonder hooks :) x