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Day of the Dead Crochet & Craft Love

I've already shown you the hair that I've slightly creepily crocheted for my Dias de la Muertos Halloween costume this year, and the peasant blouse has arrived, and the massive skirt I made for the Shop is ideal, but something was missing.

I nearly dragged myself off to bed early tonight, to read a book and be a bit melancholy, but I bullied myself into staying up and doing something.  So I dug through my ridiculous craft stock, dragged out all the silk flowers I could find, some craft wire and an old Alice band, and made a flower headress a la Kirstie Allsop to add to my costume.  I LOVE IT SO MUCH I COULD BE SICK!  Honestly, if there were ever a cure for the blues it's this!  

As each flower went on it became more and more gorgeous until I couldn't wipe the grin from my face.  This is why Halloween is the best holiday ever.

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