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Free Giant Pom Pom Hat Pattern

This does assume a  knowledge of how to crochet (and make giant pom poms)
You will need:
3 balls chunky yarn
10mm crochet hook

mr – magic ring
dc – double crochet
ch – chain
sl st – slip stitch

Use 2 strands of yarn at the same time and crochet as though they were one.

1. mr with double crochets x 12 (if this sounds too complicated, you can mr with 6 sc, then ch2 and dcx2 in each stitch around, but it really isn’t that hard)
2. dc x 2 in each stitch
3. ch 2, dc then dcx2 in the next stitch, repeat
4-9. ch 2, dc in each stitch, sl st
To make ear flaps:
10. ch2, dc in next 6 stitches, ch 2 turn, dc in next 4 st and sl st, cut yarn with enough to weave in eneds
11. On opposite side of hat (approx 8 stitches round from end of last flap) repeat step 10 but don’t cut yarn
12. sl st through each stitch all the way around the edge of the hat until you get to the ear flap, sl st approx 4 st through edge of flap until you get to the 2nd crochet of the 4 crochet flat edge
13. ch 60 and dc all the way back up the chain until you reach the flap again, sl st
14. carry on sl st all the way around the rest of the edge of hat until you get  back to the first ear flap and repeat
Make a MASSIVE pom pom and sew it to the top


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