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Monster pom poms rule

The business I've been running for the last year, while a beautiful space, has been acting like a creative black hole, sucking every spare creative thought in to a vacuum of exhaustion and nothingness.  A month ago I made the decision to detach myself, hand back and over the weight of the business to those who should have it.  I have Mary Poppins'ed and got it all up, running and working smoothly and now it's my time to step back.

As soon as I'd made this decision it all came flooding right back.  This is the first pattern I have to show you and will be sharing for free really soon - monster pom pom crochet hat.  It was a commission by a gorgeous lady who designs costumes for movies and I love it.  There's a whole pile o stuff waiting to go on, and I really hope I'll now have the time and inclination to blog properly and get back to you all.

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